By Sam Burris



Add a 3D tour to your listing!

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The 3D tour loads right from your listing front and center on desktop and mobile devices.


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Works on computers and mobile devices

Works on all major browsers and operating systems.

Android and iOS.

Features of 3D tours

Doll House View

View your space as if you were looking at a doll house. 3D scanning creates useful perspectives.

360 View

Walk through the space and pan around the rooms.

Floor Plan View

3D Scanning gives you a detailed floor plan.

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About me

My name is Sam. I consider myself a futurist. I'm always looking ahead at the latest and greatest technology. I have a passion for virtual reality and work part time at a VR arcade. I majored in Arts and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. After college I did video production work and even worked on a feature length film. My skills and hobbies include video production, 3D animation, VR environments, graphic design, and photography. I also have a love for spicy food and grow my own peppers! I am excited about this business and cannot wait to see how 3D and virtual touring will change the world.


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